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Bavaria’s lakes & Romantic Road, 8-days

Bavaria’s lakes & Romantic Road, 8-day-tour

This unforgettable cycling tour begins in the romantic Fugger town of Augsburg and leads via crystal clear Bavarian lakes.

from € 699,--
Lake Constance Eastern, 5-days

Lake Constance Eastern, 5-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, you will not only pass a range of sights but will also enjoy the diverse landscape of the Lake Constance region.

from € 399,--
Lake Constance Western, 5-days

Lake Constance Western, 5-day-tour

Discover the islands and peninsulas in their lush scenic splendour and enjoy the culinary art of the medieval towns.

from € 332,--
Lake Constance Athletic Version, 6-days

Lake Constance Athletic Version, 6-day-tour

Experience an exciting bicycle tour along the shores of Lake Constance and enjoy the fascinating lake and alpine panorama.

from € 379,--
Lake Constance Classic, 7-days

Lake Constance Classic, 7-day-tour

The Lake Constance not only bribes with a great view of its water surface, but also with diverse landscapes. 

from € 449  € 429,--