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... getting to know the country and people by bike

One of the most beautiful bicycle tours of Austria or in whole Europe, is the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna. If you want to enjoy a relaxed bicycle holiday in Austria and still want to be active in sports, then you are in the right place on this section of the Danube Cycle Path. On about 350 kilometres by bike, the route runs mainly flat on good developed cycling paths, which is an ideal condition for families with children or beginners too.


Thus taking care of the luggage transportation from hotel to hotel, you will have more time and energy to admire the breathtaking landscapes and numerous historic highlights along the way. The starting point of the Danube Cycle Path is the Bavarian university city Passau, known for the confluence of the Danube, Inn and Ilz. It is not for nothing that Passau is referred to as the city of three rivers. Absolutely worth seeing are the splendid cathedral of St. Stephan with the world's largest cathedral organ and the Oberhaus fortification, from which you have a staggering view over the whole city.


On the way to Linz, you cycle directly past one of the most fascinating spectacles of nature. At the Schlögen sling, the Danube gives a sudden impression of changing its course. In Linz, the provincial capital of Upper Austria, you should schedule a sightseeing walk through the historic old city and enjoy a piece of Linzer tart in one of the many cozy cafés. Passing the Mathausen Memorial and the wild and romantic Strudengau, you will arrive in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes of Lower Austria. From Melk all the way to Krems, the UNESCO-World Cultural Heritage Wachau extends, also known as a wine growing region and for the annual apricot harvest. Enjoy a stroll through the wonderful vineyards after a long day of cycling.


Via the art mile of Krems, the garden city Tulln and Klosterneuburg, you continue on to the metropolis Vienna, famous for its coffeehouse culture and final destination of the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna. A multi-day stay in the formal imperial city should definitely be planned, in order to be able to visit the numerous sights as the Schönbrunn Palace, the St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Vienna Prater with the Ferris wheel.

Journeys 1 - 8 from 49

Lake Constance Eastern, 5-days

Lake Constance Eastern, 5-day-tour

On this bicycle tour, you will not only pass a range of sights but will also enjoy the diverse landscape of the Lake Constance region.

from € 399,--
Lake Constance Western, 5-days

Lake Constance Western, 5-day-tour

Discover the islands and peninsulas in their lush scenic splendour and enjoy the culinary art of the medieval towns.

from € 332,--
Lake Constance Athletic Version, 6-days

Lake Constance Athletic Version, 6-day-tour

Experience an exciting bicycle tour along the shores of Lake Constance and enjoy the fascinating lake and alpine panorama.

from € 379,--
Lake Constance Classic, 7-days

Lake Constance Classic, 7-day-tour

The Lake Constance not only bribes with a great view of its water surface, but also with diverse landscapes. 

from € 449  € 429,--
Lake Constance Round Tour, 7-days

Lake Constance Round Tour, 7-day-tour

Starting from the capital city of Lake Constance, you cycle past numerous sights worth seeing through a diverse landscape.

from € 458  € 450,--
Lake Constance - Rally Constance, 7-days

Lake Constance - Rally Constance, 7-day-tour

On this bicycle tour you discover the three-country sea, diverse possibilities and sights along the banks of Lake Constance.

from € 479  € 449,--