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Komoot - cycling navigation for your mobile

Komoot is the perfect supplement to the travel documents of your bicycle tours and also a great thing for the private daily life. Whether on mobile phone, tablet or computer, this app is perfect for the planning and the performing of bicycle journeys and for hiking tours. Once the whole package is bought this is valid for always and contains free updates of the cycle tracks, hiking paths and the streets.

If you buy this app through us, you have the advantage that you can select your booked bicycle tour (only original tours) with only few clicks. All original tours are completely prefabricatedand you can store away the tour then quite simply with your Komoot profile and afterwards you can already start by picture navigation and linguistic navigation on the mobile phone simply the tour together with the travel documents. The precast route always runs on the main cycle track, if your hotel should be in the neighbouring place or a little bit apart, this is stated then either on the hotel listor in the travel documents as a supplement.

Komoot costs unique € 29.99 and you can use this then every year on your bicycle tour, however, of course also privately, this is worth the investment anyway.