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Terms and Conditions

1. Registration/Payment of the travel price
Registration takes place on the basis of the presented itinerary. The registration can only take place in writing (Registration form Catalogue or online). A down payment of 20% of the total travel costs per person (+ costs for insurance) is to be paid immediately upon receiving the booking confirmation/invoice. The rest of the payment may only be paid 20 days before travel begin at the earliest, so that the mailing of the travel documents can take place step by step.


Payment Information:
Either by bank transfer into our Austrian or German account or by credit card (VISA or Mastercard, + Fee: 1,6 % of the withdrawn amount).


2. Services
The travel price (in Euros) is per person based on a double room, people travelling alone have the possibility of booking a single room subject to surcharge. People travelling alone must be prepared to make do with more plain and simple rooms if necessary due to the limited amount of single rooms in several hotels. The service descriptions of the respective tour at the time of travel in the current homepage are important for the extent of contractual services.  The given stage destinations are the mostly and mainly ridden stage finishes. We require your agreement to avoiding places in near surroundings in particular cases without deduction.


Luggage transport guarantee Danube cycle path Schärding/Passau – Vienna:

We guarantee transport of luggage to booked accommodation by 3 pm for all direct bookers on the route from Schärding/Passau to Vienna. In case of delay an amount of €20,00 per travel group will be refunded as long as Austria Radreisen is informed on this by the end of the journey at the latest.


3. Cancellation of travel or rebooking
If you happen to cancel your booked journey, then an informal cancellation must be sent to us immediately. Cancellation costs are calculated as follows:

Up until the 28. day before travel begin:   20% of the total travel costs per person

Up until the 27. to the 14. day before travel begin: 30% of the total travel costs per person

Up until the 13. to the 8. day before travel begin: 50% of the total travel costs per person

Up until the 7. to 4. day before travel begin: 70% of the total travel costs per person

From the 3rd day onwards or no travelling: 90% of the total travel costs per person

One is not entitled to a share of the refund when a journey is interrupted. The day of arrival counts as travel begin. In the case of a rebooking, a processing fee of €55,00 per booking is charged up until the 28. day before travel begin (alteration regardingtraveldate/category/roomtype/lodging). Rebookings made at a later stage, provided that it is possible to carry them out at all, can only be made after the resignation from the travel agreement adhering to the given conditions and a new registration at the same time. Separate cancellation costs or rebooking fees partly apply with tours in collaboration with a local contract partner.


4. Alteration of the travel price
The trip planner has the right to increase the travel price confirmed at the time of booking due to reasons that do not depend on his/her will and that cannot be foreseen, provided that the date of travel is more than 2 months after the sealing of the contract. Such reasons are exclusively the alteration of transport costs, for example the increase of fuel prices or also the increase of embarkation and disembarkation fees in harbours. The trip planner can increase the travel price according to the following calculation:

a. An increased amount regarding a cabin place can be charged to the traveller.
b. In other cases, additional required transport costs from transport companies per means of transport are divided by the amount of cabin places on the agreed means of transport. The resulting increased amount for the cabin place can be charged to the traveller. We are obligated to inform you without delay, nevertheless up until the 21. day before the agreed arrival date of an intended legally permitted price increase. A price increase after this time period is no longer permissible. If price increases amount to more than 5% of the total travel price, then the traveller has the right to withdraw from the contract without any fees. You are obligated to claim this right with us immediately once you have received the alteration notification. In this case we will refund you with payments already made to us. No further entitlement exists.


5. Liability
We are liable within duty of care of a proper businessman for the correctness of the description of all given travel services at the time of the printing of the brochure, for the proper selection and arrangement of service providers (hotels, transport companies inter alia) and precise travel preparation and settlement. We cannot be made responsible should it not be possible to carry through the planned sightseeing according to schedule due to reasons that we are not able to influence (e.g. renovations, barriers, modifications inter alia). You take part in the journey at your own risk. Every traveller has the lone responsibility of being in good physical health to be able to manage and overcome the expectations of the booked journey. All travellers are also solely responsible for adhering to the road and traffic rules and regulations. The transport regulations that apply are those of the transport company in question. Our liability – no matter what the legal reason is – is limited to three times the travel price, as far as the damage is neither caused by us intentionally nor with gross negligence or as far as our responsibility regarding the fault of one of our selected service carriers. Services that have not been taken into use are generally not refunded. Every client is solely responsible to comply with formalities regarding all passport, visa, toll and health regulations. Persons under age are only allowed to take part on the journey if accompanied by an adult. If a journey has to be cancelled due to reasons that we are not able to influence (higher forces, strikes, inter alia) or extreme floods or low tides or engine damage on ship tours, then the already paid travel price will be refunded.  No further entitlements exist. We reserve the right to cancel a journey up to 21 days before travel begin if the necessary minimum amount of participants has not been reached. We will inform you immediately in this case and will refund payments that have already been made. No further entitlements exist. We request that if you do have a reason contrary to expectation for complaint, to please inform the local contractual partner (see travel documents) or us immediately. Furthermore, requirements that may arise with us must be sent to us in writing one month after the contractual intended termination of the journey at the latest in order for these requirements to apply and to remain in existence.

Oral collateral agreements need our written confirmation to be made effective; alterations of services and prices as well as the correction of errors, printing- and spelling mistakes are subject to modifications. Place of jurisdiction is the seat of the trip planner.


6. Cycling tours in collaboration with a local contractual partner
Special conditions partly apply for these tours (cancellation, discount for children, insurance, services, etc.). Detailed information can be received on request.