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The german Danube

...along the "young" Danube

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most famous and beautiful cycle paths in Europe. Not only the section leading through Austria is recommended. If you have planned a long cycling holiday, you should start the bike tour in Ulm or in Donauwörth. For a shorter bike trip, a direct start in Regensburg is recommended. In Ulm climb the 768 steps of the highest church tower in the world and enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire city. In Donauwörth one of the most important trade routes between Nuremberg and Augsburg crosses the Danube. Even today you can see the imposing houses the historical significance of the Danube city. On the way to Ingolstadt, with its old imposing fortress, drive through Neuburg.

Here you should pay a visit to the castle towering over the city. Just before Regensburg you come to a fascinating natural spectacle. Between Weltenburg and Kelheim you can explore the Danube breakthrough by boat. Now it is not far to Regensburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has a lot more to offer besides a well-preserved medieval city center. Cross the Steinerne Brücke bridge, one of the landmarks of Regensburg, and marvel at the cathedral with its twin towers.

On the way from Regensburg to Straubing you pass the imposing memorial Walhalla. Via the castle Wörth you drive into the old ducal city Straubing with the striking city tower as a landmark. Via the arch with the oldest pilgrimage church you reach one of the last larger cities before the destination of your bike tour. Deggendorf is also referred to as the "Gateway to the Bavarian Forest". Now you have reached the end of the bike tour along the German Danube. Enjoy in Passau one more time the Bavarian hospitality and a breathtaking view over the Three Rivers City.

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