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The Moselle Cycle Path

From Trier to Koblenz

On the route from Trier to Koblenz is one of the most beautiful river bike tours in Germany. Between Hunsrück and Eifel, the Moselle Cycle Path runs mostly flat on around 250 kilometers of bike and most of the time directly along the riverbank. The Moselle with its unique river landscape rises in France, crosses Luxembourg on its way to Germany, and then flows into the Rhine near Koblenz. Starting point of the Mosel cycle path is Trier. Germany's oldest city was founded by the Romans.

Even today, there are numerous, well-preserved Roman monuments, which are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Absolutely worth seeing are the Imperial Baths, which at that time belonged to the largest baths of the Roman Empire. Let us take you on an adventure tour into the unique Roman history of the city. From Trier you should definitely take a bike trip to Saarburg. The city on the Saar is known for the 20-meter high waterfall, which plunges into the depths of the city.

From Trier you will reach breathtakingly beautiful wine regions Trittenheim, the oldest wine town in Germany. Surrounded on both sides by vineyards, the bike path on the Moselle is generally characterized by wine. Next you reach one of Germany's most famous wine villages, Bernkastel-Kues. Treat yourself to a break during your cycling holiday and enjoy the award-winning wines directly at the wine grower's own. The next town also revolves around the vine juice. In the Mosel loop "Zeller Hamm" lies the village of Zell. With around 6 million vines, Zell is one of the largest winegrowing communities on the Mosel.

It continues, past Europe's steepest vineyard, the Calmont. Not far from there is Cochem, where you can expect an imposing fortress as well as the Reichsburg. In Koblenz not only ends your bike trip, the Moselle has reached its destination and flows into the Rhine here. Enjoy a last view of the Moselle and the city from the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

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Moselle Cycle Path, 8-days

Moselle Cycle Path, 8-day-tour

The Moselle, with its picturesque river loops and pleasant wine-making villages is accoompanied by castles and ruins.

from € 479  € 466,--
Moselle Cycle Path, 7-days

Moselle Cycle Path, 7-day-tour

Discover romantic wine villages and historic towns in the trijunction France - Germany - Luxembourg. 

from € 450,--
Impressions of the Moselle, 5-days

Impressions of the Moselle, 5-day-tour

One of the most beautiful bicycle tours in Germany takes you along the Moselle cycle path and offers countless sights.

from € 347,--
Moselle Rally, 6-days

Moselle Rally, 6-day-tour

Enjoy charming river landscapes, the region's superb wines and also experience a ship ride on this bicycle tour.

from € 495,--

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